Computer technology is so built into our lives that it's part of the surround of every artist. So far, I have done some projects from small data entry work as freelancer to developing windows and andriod applications. I have done few interships and training which helped me to enhance my skills and implement them in IT industry. Following are my technological skills on which I have rated myself in following skills on scale of 10.

Computing Technologies

I am working on these innovative technologies quite for long time and have good grasp on them.


I has been working on HTML since 2012 and have completed more than 5 project where I have created front end using HTML


I has been working on CSS since 2012 and have completed more than 5 project where I have created front end using CSS for styling


I have been working in Java since May 2013 started through 2 months core java course and have completed many college and self project on it.

Java Script

I have been working in Javascript for past 2-3 years as the industry is moving towards more resposive pages.


I have learned PL/SQL through one week training and created a library manegment using triggers and procedures.


I have learned Adobe Photoshop by myself as most of the projects require image rendering and sometime designing.

Database (SQL/No SQL)

I have learned Database through experience and project requirement as data needs to be stored at some place. I have worked on MongoDb which is No SQL, MySQL and Oracle 11g a lot.

Data Processing

I find data processing very easy and have done lot of projects for extra pocket money during my college days.

Oracle Application Express

I have started learning this technology from January 2017, I have developed 2 projects in APEX4 and APEX5 with reports generation and printing.

Other Technologies

I have learned these technologies but didn't get opportunity to implement them in real world applications


I have learned C as a part of my academics curriculum


I have learned C++ as a part of my academics curriculum


I have learned Python as self learner. We require hardware based languages for Hadoop or Intelligent System.

Angular JS

I have learned Angular JS through 3 full day training session.


I have learned Android during bachelors for my third year project during which I have designed a First Aid Tips App


I have learned PL/PDF for report generation and priniting purpose during my APEX project.

Big Data and Hadoop

I have learned Big Data and Hadoop through 5 full day training session.